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"Agoroth, the world of mystics and inventors. Magic and science, working hand in hand. This place is a haven to all."

Five Kingdoms exist in harmony on Agoroth.

Magic exists alongside science.

Inventors and magicians.

None know what's coming next.

The Dragon's Isle Roleplay server is the central server for this twist on Medieval roleplay with a progressive state of technology as well as arcane studies. In this server, you start out at the World Gate. Upon doing so, you can start your character in the world of Agoroth by taking the various Representatives that are at the Gate. Be sure to remember your name and race in this process as these Representatives have the ability to send you on your way toward any of the Five Kingdoms of Agoroth and their relevant capitals.

Here on the Wiki page, you can find the Story of Agoroth, Timeline, Available Races/Characters, Unplayable Races/Characters (staff only), Kingdoms of Agoroth, and the World Map.

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Table of wiki contents:

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Timeline of Agoroth
Races/Characters [Coming soon]
Kingdoms of Agoroth
Character Creation [Coming soon]
Story of Agoroth [Coming soon]
Agoroth World Map

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